The Carmel TomatoFest Is One of America's Most Celebrated Food Events - A Premier Tomato Festival

A Celebration of Heirloom Tomato Varieties from Around the World


Media Quotes

The Carmel TomatoFest is one of America's most celebrated food events.with an established reputation for value, quality foods and lots of fun.a sell-out year-after-year!

The Carmel TomatoFest is pretty much the Oscars for tomatoes."
- Southwest Airlines Spirit

"Gary Ibsen's Carmel TomatoFest entices more than one's senses, it captures the spirit and embraces the celebration of the season's tomato harvest"
- Coastal Grower

"The Carmel TomatoFest is a must-go event"
- San Jose Mercury News

"The perfect harvest party.tomatoes at their best.a veritable nirvana" of tomato delights
- Sunset Magazine

".this event is truly staggering"
- The Monterey County Herald

"TomatoFest is to food and gardening aficionados what Disneyland is to kids..Ibsen is the Johnny Appleseed of tomatoes."
- United Airlines Hemispheres magazine

".200 varieties of this ubiquitous fruit, none of which, you can bet, taste like those indestructible red rubber balls beloved of supermarkets everywhere.these are seriously gourmet tomatoes"
- San Francisco Examiner

"Expand your tomato horizons.with tomatoes turning up in recipes from puddings to pancakes TomatoFest is proving (tomatoes) aren't just for salads anymore
- San Jose Mercury News

"An incredible variety of tomato dishes.from the simplest to the complex, soups to sorbets, a gastronomic wonderland"
- Adventures In Dining magazine

".the most exclusive and largest tomato tasting in the nation.hard to top"
- California Farmer

" .TomatoFest showcases the best of tomato flavors at the Carmel TomatoFest"
- P. Allen Smith Gardens (nationally syndicated television show)

".it's an amazing harvest celebration of tomatoes with those 'old-fashioned' tomato flavors."
- Paul Harvey, Syndicated Radio Show

".a bounty of local wines and tomato're in for a sensory awakening."
- VIA magazine

".a not-to-be-missed experience for any tomato lover or food lover"
- Gene Burns, KGO radio