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"Giant" Tomato Seed Collection

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I get many requests for HUGE tomatoes, GIANT tomatoes, BIG tomatoes that can support a tomato grower's dream of being a arge tomato award winner at a county fair , or to impress friends and family .or because that gardener just likes 'em BIG.

The heirloom tomato varieties I selected for the TomatoFest Giant Tomatoes Seed Collection are proven BIG ones that are sure to impress.

However, you must remember that, aside from having a tomato variety that has it in it's genes to be large, it takes providing the tomato plant lots of heat and plenty of nourishment to produce HUGE tomatoes. You will notice on the photo provided that Carol Chyko's Big Past almost covers a dinner plate. However, not all the tomatoes harvested of this tomato variety were as large as this, but the tomatoes it produces is dependably large.

My gardening friend, Owen Lambert from West Virginia sent me tomato seeds years ago for Ultimate Giant. He was able to produce tomatoes that were 9" across by feeding his tomato plants well and pruning his plants to producing only 2 tomatoes each.

I've grown all of these tomato varieties for many years and they have consistently produced extra-large tomatoes. These are probably your best bet for growing award-winning tomatoes.

Our Giant Tomatoes Seed Collection is the perfect gift for yourself or your tomato gardening friend who likes BIG tomatoes. I've also found this a great gift for young gardeners.

"Giant" Tomato Seed Collection

Heirloom tomatoes I've found to produce the LARGEST fruit and extremely tasty fruit. A great collection of heirloom tomatoes for if you are wanting to impress your fellow gardeners, family or in enter competition for the biggest tomato. This organic heirloom tomato seeds collection contains individual packs of the following heirloom tomato varieties: (25 - 30 seeds/pack)

Cost: $25, a savings of $5.90 off individual seed pack price

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  • Carol Chyko's Big Paste Heirloom Tomato - (Very large, heart-shaped, red, meaty tomato with delicious flavor and few seeds. Indeterminate. 76 Days)
  • Dinner Plate Heirloom Tomato - (Good producer of big, fat, heart-shaped, delicious, scarlet-red fruit, 4-6" Indeterminate. 90 Days)
  • Dixie Golden Giant Heirloom Tomato - (A beefsteak heirloom grown by an Amish family since the early 1930's. It grows on large plants and yields big harvests of 1 to 2 pound, clear lemon-yellow fruits that occasionally have a pink blush on the blossom end. Fabulously sweet, fruity taste and meaty texture. Indeterminate. 77 Days)
  • Giant 11 Heirloom Tomato - (Red-pink beefsteak, potato-leaf heirloom that produces 4 to 5-inch, slightly flat fruit with mild, fruity flavors and low acidity. Indeterminate. 89 Days)
  • Giant Belgium Heirloom Tomato - (Dark pink fruit heirloom that averages 2-lbs. (but can get to 5 lbs.) is meaty with few seeds. VERY TASTY! Indeterminate. 75 Days)
  • Giant Oxheart Heirloom Tomato - (Good production of huge, 3 to 5-inch, pink heart-shaped fruit with wonderfully sweet flavors. Indeterminate. 75 Days.)
  • Green Giant Heirloom Tomato - (A tall, bushy, potato-leaf plant from Reinhard Kraft in Germany producing large crops of 1-2 lb., lime green, smooth, oblate fruit. Delicious sweet flavors. Arguably, one of the best tasting green tomatoes. Indeterminate. 85 Days)
  • Ultimate Giant Heirloom Tomato - (From Owen Lambert in WV who had produced this heirloom tomato 9-inches across. My average is 6 inches, but I do not do crop all fruit but 2 for size. Indeterminate. 88 Days)