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Return Policy:

We are not able to accept returns of any seeds because we are not able to control the quality control when seeds are no longer in our possession. However, all of our seeds are guaranteed. If you have any problem at all with our seeds, send us an email through our Contact Us page and we will send you new seeds or credit your order.


We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our heirloom tomato seeds, or we will replace the unsatisfactory seeds. You must let us know within 45 days of purchase if you experience any germination problems and let us know your order number (and/or date) of order, and the Lot# printed on the back of your seed pack. We've found that in most situations, the problem with germination is a result of improper storage of seeds (seeds need to be stored in cool dry, dark place) the soil/air temperature being too low, the soil being too dry/moist, or using an inadequate seed starting mix.