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TomatoFest® is your destination for finding the best tasting, heirloom tomato seeds from around the world. We've collected what are considered to be the most valued heirloom tomato seeds from many different regions and family farms, to grow and harvest these tomato seeds to share them with you. All TomatoFest heirloom tomato seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC by CCOF - Gary Ibsen and Dagma Lacey

Carmel TomatoFest®

America's Favorite Tomato Festival

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If you love heirloom tomatoes, take a look at why the TomatoFest® was
"America's Favorite Tomato Festival" for 17 years.

The Carmel TomatoFest® that has taken place in Carmel, from 1991-2008 California was the nation's premier tomato festival for 17 years. This was the largest and most prestigious tomato festival in America with a tasting of more than 350 tomato varieties from around the world, an extravagant outdoor BBQ, delicious tomato dishes created by 60 of America's best chefs, a tasting of 200 of California's finest wines, chef and gardening demonstrations, a "Salsa Showcase" tasting of 90 best tomato salsas from around the U.S., "The International Olive Oil Tasting" featuring extra virgin olive oils from 8 countries and the best of California, live music and dancing. The TomatoFest Net proceeds were donated to local and national youth charities. The Carmel TomatoFest®, "America's Favorite Tomato Harvest Festival", held its final event on Sept, 14, 2008.. Read about Gary Ibsen's retirement celebration at the spectacular countryside setting of Quail Lodge Resort in Carmel, California

(Note: The TomatoFest® name is a registered trademark and is not legally available for use connected any other tomato festival, as TomatoFest or Tomato Fest, without written permission.)

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